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SoundExchange to Audit Records of Streaming by Alpha Media, Music Choice, and Google

Posted in Intellectual Property, Internet Radio, Music Rights
Last week, the Copyright Royalty Board published a Federal Register Notice announcing that SoundExchange was auditing broadcaster Alpha Media as well as Music Choice and Google to assess their compliance with the statutory music licenses provided by Sections 112 and 114 of the Copyright Act for the public performance of sound recordings and ephemeral copies… Continue Reading

SoundExchange Issues Audit Notices for Many Different Digital Music Services

Posted in Broadcast Performance Royalty, Intellectual Property, Internet Radio, Music Rights
Each year, we write about SoundExchange issuing notices of their intent to audit various digital music services to review their royalty reporting and payment.  This year is no different, with Federal Register notices recently being issued to audit certain companies in various services, including satellite radio, webcasters, broadcasters who stream, and business establishment services.  We… Continue Reading

5 Things Broadcasters Should Know About SoundExchange Music Royalties

Posted in Intellectual Property, Internet Radio, Music Rights, On Line Media
The recent Copyright Royalty Board decision (see my summary here) setting the rates to be paid by Internet radio operators to SoundExchange for the rights to publicly perform sound recordings (a particular recording of a song as performed by an artist or band) still raises many questions. Today, Jacobs Media Strategies published on their blog… Continue Reading

SoundExchange Audits of Digital Music Companies and Sport Leagues Audits of MVPDs Published in the Federal Register – Understanding Audit Rights Under Statutory Licenses

Posted in Cable Carriage, Intellectual Property, Internet Radio, Music Rights, Television
In the last week, copyright audits have been in the news.  Several broadcasting publications noted the recent announcements by the Copyright Royalty Board that SoundExchange has decided to audit several companies that pay it royalties, including webcasters (including Pandora and a number of broadcasters in connection with their webcast operations), business establishments services (those who… Continue Reading

SoundExchange to Audit iHeart, CBS and Other Webcasters and Digital Music Services

Posted in Digital Radio, Intellectual Property, Internet Radio, Music Rights, On Line Media
This week, several notices of the intent to audit the records of several webcasters and other digital music services were published in the Federal Register, indicating that SoundExchange was planning on having the royalty payment records of these services reviewed.  Notices were sent to services including Live365, iHeartMedia and CBS).  Those notices have prompted several… Continue Reading