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Time Magazine Awards Journalists in Harm’s Way Person of the Year Award – What Are You Doing to Keep Your Broadcast Employee’s Safe?

Posted in Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Security
Yesterday, it was announced that Time Magazine had awarded its person of the year award to “the Guardians” – journalists around the world who risk their lives to bring us the news each day.  Most broadcasters don’t think of their on-air personnel as facing the same risks as journalists in war zones or facing imprisonment… Continue Reading

The Importance of Assessing the Safety and Security of Broadcast Stations and Their Personnel

Posted in Appearances, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Security
A topic not much discussed among broadcasters, but one that should be paramount in the future planning of all broadcast companies, is insuring the security of their stations and the safety of their employees.  This is an issue on which all broadcasters should be focusing.  Last month, the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association for the second time… Continue Reading