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FCC Grants Certain TV Stations Limited Waiver from Online Public File Obligations for Documents from Prior Renewal Terms

Posted in Advertising Issues, License Renewal, On Line Media, Programming Regulations, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
Earlier today, we wrote about the FCC’s reminder that TV broadcasters must, by February 4, complete the upload to their FCC-mandated online public inspection file all materials from the current renewal term that were created prior to the August 2 effective date of the online public inspection file requirement.  We noted that the FCC had not addressed the… Continue Reading

FCC Issues Reminder that TV Stations Need to Complete Online Public File By February 4 – Upload Documents Including All Quarterly Issues Programs Lists and EEO Public File Reports Since the Last License Renewal Grant

Posted in EEO Compliance/Diversity, License Renewal, On Line Media, Political Broadcasting, Programming Regulations, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
The six months that the FCC gave to television stations to upload the contents of their paper public files to their new online public file seemed like a long time back in August, when the deadline was announced and the online public file rule became effective. But that deadline is upon us, and the FCC yesterday… Continue Reading

The Care and Feeding of the Broadcaster’s Public Inspection File – An FCC Reminder and a Compliance Seminar

Posted in AM Radio, EEO Compliance/Diversity, FM Radio, General FCC, On Line Media, Political Broadcasting, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
The care and feeding of the broadcaster’s public file is a hot topic once again. For many years, the public file was often overlooked, being visited most often by competing broadcasters looking for dirt on their cross-town rivals, or by college journalism students assigned a project by their professor requiring the review of local stations’ files. But,… Continue Reading

Early October Regulatory Requirements – Quarterly Issues Programs Lists, Children’s TV Reports, Captioning of Internet Programs, Noncommercial Ownership Reports, EEO and Renewal Obligations

Posted in Children's Programming and Advertising, EEO Compliance/Diversity, General FCC, Internet Video, Noncommercial Broadcasting
October is a very important month in the regulatory world, and broadcasters need to be aware of the regulatory deadlines that have already arisen this month, or which will come up in the next few days. This week, TV Newscheck published our latest summary of the state of many of the most significant legal issues facing… Continue Reading

Questions and Answers About the TV Online Public Inspection File

Posted in Digital Television, Political Broadcasting, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
 The Online Public File for television stations is now a reality. While appeals of the imposition of the rules remain pending, both the FCC and the US Court of Appeals denied stays of the August 2 effective date for the new requirements, so full-power and Class A television stations should now be complying with the new… Continue Reading

$10,000 Fines and Short-Term License Renewals for Missing Quarterly Issues Programs Lists

Posted in FCC Fines
In perhaps the most severe set of penalties that we have seen for public inspection file violations, the FCC released two sets of fines to stations that had self-reported, in their license renewal applications, that they did not have Quarterly Issues Programs lists in their public file for the entire 8 year license term.  As we recently… Continue Reading

Is $10,000 the New Normal for FCC Fines for Public File Violations for Missing Quarterly Issues Programs Lists?

Posted in FCC Fines, License Renewal
In three proposed fines issued in the last few weeks, the FCC proposed $10,000 fines for the failure of stations to have all of their required Quarterly Issues Programs Lists in their public files.  In one case, the deficiency was discovered by an FCC inspector, filing random reports missing from 2007-2009.  In two others (here involving a noncommercial… Continue Reading

Three $10,000 FCC Broadcast Fines, All Involving the Public File, Show Differences in Enforcement

Posted in FCC Fines
In the last few days, the FCC proposed three fines – all involving violations of the public inspection file rule, and all amounting to $10,000.  But the facts of the three cases are radically different, and one wonders about why all ended up with the same fine.  But more importantly, the cases again raise the issue of why the… Continue Reading

FCC Deadlines in January – Quarterly Issues Programs Lists, Children’s Program Reports, Comments on TV Online Public File and Public Interest Obligation Proposals, FM Window and More

Posted in Broadcast Auctions, Children's Programming and Advertising, FM Radio, General FCC, Programming Regulations, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
In addition to the normal FCC deadlines for routine filings, January brings the deadline for comments in a number of FCC proceedings, and a filing window for new FM applications.  For TV stations, the Commission recently extended to January 17 the Reply Comment deadline on its proposals (summarized here) for an online public inspection file.  Many public interest… Continue Reading

January 17 Comment Deadline Set for Proposed New FCC Form to Document the Public Interest Service of TV Broadcasters

Posted in Programming Regulations, Public Interest Obligations/Localism
The FCC’s proposal to replace the never-implemented Form 355 with a new form to document the public interest programming of television broadcasters (to eventually be expanded to include radio operators) was published in today’s Federal Register – setting January 17 as the comment date for those interested in telling the FCC what they think of… Continue Reading

FCC Proposes New Form Requiring TV Broadcasters to Document their Public Interest Programming

Posted in Programming Regulations, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
When the FCC last month started a new proceeding to mandate an online public file for television stations, the Commission promised to soon initiate another proceeding to look into the need for a new form to document the public interest programming that TV stations provide.  The FCC today fulfilled that promise, and issued a Notice of Inquiry ("NOI") to… Continue Reading

Broadcast Station Reminder: Quarterly Issues Programs Lists and Children’s Television Programming Reports due October 10th

Posted in Children's Programming and Advertising, Programming Regulations, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
The end of September marks the close of the Third Quarter of 2011, which brings two quarterly filing obligations for broadcast stations.  The first obligation is that by October 10 all radio and television stations, both commercial and noncommercial, must prepare and place in their public inspection file Quarterly Issues Programs Lists reporting on the important… Continue Reading

Big FCC Fines for Public File Violations for Commercial and Noncommercial Stations

Posted in FCC Fines, Noncommercial Broadcasting
The FCC today issued fines of as much as $12,000 for public file violations.  Together with the fine issued earlier this week for a station that did not allow unrestricted access to its public file, these actions make clear how seriously the FCC takes the obligations of broadcast stations to maintain and make available their public… Continue Reading

Broadcaster’s Calendar 2011 – Important Dates for Radio and Television Stations

Posted in General FCC
It’s the beginning of a new year, and each year brings numerous regulatory deadlines for radio and television broadcasters.  We’ve put together a calendar that sets out many of those dates.  You can find the calendar setting out important dates for broadcasters in 2011 here.  It sets out many important dates – including the dates for regulatory obligations including: EEO Public File… Continue Reading

FCC License Renewal Application Cycle Begins in Less Than A Year – What Stations Should Be Doing to Get Ready

Posted in EEO Compliance/Diversity, General FCC, License Renewal, Public Interest Obligations/Localism
Are you ready to file your next license renewal application?  It seems like the last license renewal cycle just ended (in fact, the last cycle is not over, as evidenced by the fact that the FCC in the last week has released several decisions dealing with late-filed renewals from the last cycle, and many TV stations still have license renewals that… Continue Reading

Fines For Public Inspection File Issues – Noncommercial Broadcasters Enter into Consent Decrees to Resolve Rule Violations

Posted in FCC Fines, License Renewal, Noncommercial Broadcasting
In two consent decrees released last week, the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau agreed to significant "voluntary contributions" to the US Treasury to settle noncompliance issues reported in license renewal applications filed by noncommercial radio stations.  Both stations had voluntarily reported public inspection file issues in their license renewals.  One admitted to having no issues programs lists in its public file… Continue Reading

Broadcaster Calendar for 2010 – Important Regulatory Dates to Remember

Posted in Children's Programming and Advertising, EEO Compliance/Diversity, General FCC, Internet Radio, Political Broadcasting, Public Interest Obligations/Localism
Each year poses a new set of regulatory deadlines, and to help you remember all of those deadlines, the Davis Wright Tremaine Broadcast Group has prepared a calendar setting out the dates that broadcasters need to remember in 2010.  The calendar can be found here, and sets out FCC imposed deadlines for, among other things,… Continue Reading

FCC Inspections – Fines for Violations of Rules on Main Studio, EAS, and Public File

Posted in Emergency Communications, FCC Fines, Tower Issues
Last week, the FCC issued several fines to broadcasters for failure to observe some basic FCC rules.  As there many FCC rules to observe, broadcasters should use the misfortune of others who have suffered from these fines as a way to check their own operations to make sure that they meet all of the required Commission standards.  In the recent… Continue Reading

David Oxenford Discusses Legal Issues at the Christian Music Broadcasters Momentum ’09 Conference

Posted in Appearances
On September 10, 2009, David Oxenford addressed the Christian Music Broadcasters’ Momentum ’09 Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Dave’ s presentation was titled 18 Issues in 18 Minutes: What a Broadcaster Should Worry About From Washington DC.  In 18 minutes, Dave discussed topics including the FCC’s proposed localism rules, sponsorship identification and noncommercial underwriting issues, contest fines, FCC technical operating and… Continue Reading

FCC Adopts Rules Requiring TV Stations to Keep Public File on Website – and Adopts New Requirements for Quantifying Public Interest Obligations

Posted in Programming Regulations, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
The FCC today adopted new requirements for television broadcasters to quarterly file a report with the FCC quantifying their service to the public.  The order also requires that stations keep their public file on their website, if they have a website.  Broadcasters will also be required to broadcast twice each day a notice as to how… Continue Reading