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FCC Fine for Premature Construction of Radio Station – Don’t Construct New Facilities Without FCC Permission

Posted in FCC Fines
The FCC has for decades prohibited the “premature construction” of broadcast stations – constructing new stations or new facilities for existing stations prior to the issuance of an FCC construction permit. In recent years, fines for such activities have been rare. But, last week, the FCC issued a Notice of Apparent Liability proposing to fine… Continue Reading

FCC Says that Permittee of New Noncommercial FM Station Cannot Change Coverage Area if It Won the Permit Based on 307(b) Preference

Posted in Noncommercial Broadcasting
A decision released by the FCC’s Media Bureau staff this week makes clear that the permittee of a noncommercial station, who was awarded the permit based on a 307(b) preference, cannot change transmitter sites so as to abandon service to the area that it promised to cover in order to get the preference – even if it… Continue Reading

FCC Takes Actions to Increase Diversity in Broadcast Ownership

Posted in Advertising Issues, EEO Compliance/Diversity, Multiple Ownership Rules
At its December meeting, at the same time as it adopted rules relaxing the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rules, the FCC adopted new rules to expand diversity in the ownership of broadcast stations, encouraging new entrants into such ownership.  The full text of that decision was just released last week, providing a number of specific rule changes… Continue Reading