If you have a commercial or noncommercial FM radio station, an LPFM or an FM translator, and are looking to file an FCC application to seek a construction permit to authorize technical changes to your station, or to file a license to cover changes that were previously authorized (or which need no prior authorization), starting next Wednesday, September 25, you’ll need to file in the FCC’s LMS database, not in CDBS which has traditionally been used for broadcast applications. The FCC made this announcement in a Public Notice released last week. The Commission is gradually transitioning all of its broadcast applications to this database (TV broadcasters have already transitioned, except for assignment and transfer of control applications, and radio stations have already been required to use it for ownership reports and license renewal applications).

Starting on September 25, the following forms will be filed in LMS – and CDBS will no longer be used:

Application Type CDBS Form to be Decommissioned Sept. 25, 2019 LMS Schedule to be Used Commencing Sept. 25, 2019
Application for Construction Permit for Commercial FM Broadcast Station Form 301 Schedule 301
Application for FM Broadcast Station License Form 302 Schedule 302
Application for Construction Permit for a Low Power FM Broadcast Station Form 318 Schedule 318
Application for a Low Power FM Broadcast Station License Form 319 Schedule 319
Application for Construction Permit for Reserved Channel Noncommercial Educational FM Broadcast Station Form 340 Schedule 340
Application for Authority to Construct or Make Changes in a FM Translator or FM Booster Station Form 349 Schedule 349
Application for an FM Translator or FM Booster Station License Form 350 Schedule 350

Note that AM construction permit and license applications, many of which are still filed on paper because of the complexity of the engineering exhibits, are not yet transitioning to the new system. Assignments and transfers also are not covered by this notice, but you can expect those applications to make the change in the not-too-distant future. So remember to use the new system for any CP or license applications to be filed starting on September 25, 2019.