Further information from the FCC regarding the DTV transition, this time dealing with call signs. The FCC has announced that following the DTV transition, full power television stations may either keep their current call signs (i.e. WXYZ or WXYZ-TV) or they may formally change to use "-DT" instead, as in "WXYZ-DT".

Stations that intend to keep their current call signs do not need to take any action.

Stations that wish to use "-DT" must change their call letters using the Commission’s on-line call sign reservation system. The change can be requested after the station has completed the permanent transition to digital service and there will be no charge for the call sign change.

For the handful of stations that are DTV-only stations, i.e. those that never had an analog channel, those stations have already been designated "-DT" and will retain that designation without any further action. If a DTV-only station wishes to switch from "-DT" to "-TV", it may file a call sign change request at no charge to make that change.

A copy of the FCC’s recent Public Notice on this issue is available here, and a link to the FCC’s call sign reservation database is here