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It’s Official: Online Posting of TV Public File Required Beginning August 2nd; FCC Schedules More Demos of System

Posted in Public Interest Obligations/Localism
On Friday, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit followed the FCC’s lead in denying the NAB’s request for stay of the requirement for TV stations to post their public inspection files online.  Accordingly, that rule goes into effect on Thursday, August 2, 2012. Effective that date, TV stations should post all new public file documents online in… Continue Reading

Online Public File Requirement for TV Broadcasters Effective August 2, 2012

Posted in Public Interest Obligations/Localism
  The FCC has announced that the obligation for television broadcast stations to post their public inspection files online will become effective August 2, 2012, absent a stay requested by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), which has appealed the rule to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Absent a stay, the rule requires… Continue Reading

Must-carry or Retransmission Consent? Television Stations Must Notify Cable and Satellite Operators by October 1st

Posted in Cable Carriage, Digital Television, Television
Just a reminder that by October 1, Television stations must once again make their triennial carriage elections.  By that date, TV stations must notify the local cable systems and satellite carriers in their market in writing as to whether the station intends to be carried pursuant to must-carry or a retransmission consent agreement for the… Continue Reading

FCC Authorizes Mobile DTV Receivers Without Analog Tuners – Further Signals of the End of Analog LPTV, and Raises Questions of Recapture of TV Spectrum for Broadband

Posted in Digital Television, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Television
Last week, the FCC’s Media Bureau granted waivers of the requirement that television tuners be capable of receiving both analog and digital television transmissions, but only with respect to tuners meant for mobile use.  The FCC justified the waivers of the All Channel Receiver Act given the technological constraints that an analog reception chip would… Continue Reading

Reminder: Closed Captioning Contact Info Due by March 22, 2010

Posted in Digital Television, Emergency Communications, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Programming Regulations, Television
Just a reminder that all Video Programming Distributors — which includes broadcast television stations —  must identify a contact person for closed captioning issues, both immediate issues and general complaints, and file that contact information with the FCC by March 22, 2010.  As we’ve discussed previously, new FCC closed captioning rules recently went into effect that require… Continue Reading

Closed Captioning Update: New Complaint Rules Now Effective; Contact Information Due by March 22, 2010

Posted in Emergency Communications, Programming Regulations, Television
On Friday, Feb. 19, 2010, two important new closed captioning rules were published in the Federal Register and went into effect. The new rules require immediate attention by video programming distributors — including broadcast television stations — to ensure that they respond promptly to viewer complaints regarding closed captioning issues, and to ensure that they timely… Continue Reading

FCC Delays Filing Opportunity for New Low Power Television Stations

Posted in Low Power Television/Class A TV, Television
This afternoon the FCC announced that it would postpone the opportunity to apply for new digital low power television stations until July 26, 2010. The Commission had begun accepting applications for new digital LPTV stations in so-called rural areas beginning in late August, and had previously announced that it intended to expand the first-come, first-served filing… Continue Reading

FCC Seeks Input on Use of TV Spectrum; Comments due Dec. 21

Posted in Digital Television, General FCC, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Television
The FCC has wasted no time in pressing ahead with the discussion of whether the spectrum currently used by local broadcast television stations is being put to the greatest use and whether it should be "re-purposed" for the so-called broadband effort.  This afternoon, the FCC issued a Public Notice soliciting comments by December 21st regarding… Continue Reading

DTV Station Reminder: FCC Form 317 Reporting of Ancillary Services Due Dec. 1st

Posted in Digital Television, Television
By December 1, 2009, all commercial and noncommercial digital television (DTV) stations must electronically file a FCC Form 317 with the Commission reporting on whether the station has provided any ancillary and supplementary services over their digital spectrum during the twelve-month period ending on September 30, 2009. Under the Commission’s Rules, in addition to providing… Continue Reading

Filing Opportunity for LPTV and Translator Stations in Rural Areas Commences August 25th; Nationwide Window Opens Jan. 25, 2010

Posted in Digital Television, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Television
  This week, the FCC announced that it will begin accepting applications for new digital-only LPTV and translator stations in rural areas as of August 25, 2009. Beginning on that date, the FCC will also begin to accept applications for major changes to existing analog and digital LPTV and TV translators in rural areas, and… Continue Reading

Analog Television – Not Dead Yet – Not All LPTV Stations are Digital

Posted in Digital Television, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Television
Reading the papers and watching the news this weekend, one would think that analog television is a relic of the past – something that we can all soon look back at fondly as a quaint childhood memory, never to be seen again.  Yet all the reports fail to mention that for populations that watch their over-the-air… Continue Reading

FCC Reminds Stations of Obligation to Man the Phones and Assist Viewers

Posted in Digital Television, Television
On Tuesday, the FCC released a public notice reminding stations of their obligation to provide a consumer referral telephone number to the FCC and to publicize that number so that viewers will have a local number to call for specific information about the station’s transition to DTV. In addition, the FCC also reminded stations that they… Continue Reading

FCC Provides Guidance on DTV Call Signs

Posted in Digital Television, Television
Further information from the FCC regarding the DTV transition, this time dealing with call signs. The FCC has announced that following the DTV transition, full power television stations may either keep their current call signs (i.e. WXYZ or WXYZ-TV) or they may formally change to use "-DT" instead, as in "WXYZ-DT". Stations that intend to… Continue Reading

FCC Clarifies Commencement of DTV on June 12th

Posted in Digital Television, Television
The FCC yesterday issued a brief Order clarifying that stations that are flash-cutting to digital on their analog channel, or are otherwise commencing digital service on another channel as part of the transition, have the flexibility to do so at any time on June 12th without further authorization from the FCC. [Please note, this information… Continue Reading

Countdown to February 17 – Some TV Stations Still Going All-Digital Despite the Extension of the Conversion Deadline

Posted in Digital Television, Television
With February 17 only two days away – when all television stations had planned to be terminating their analog service until Congress passed the extension of the conversion deadline until June 12 – many stations are still planning to convert to fully digital operations on that date.  In the last few days, we have seen… Continue Reading

DWT Advisory on DTV Transition Process for New June 12 Deadline Is Now Available

Posted in Digital Television, Television
Yesterday, we briefly wrote about the FCC’s release of a notice summarizing the process that television stations need to follow as they transition to digital under the newly extended DTV conversion date.  In yesterday’s post, we promised a more detailed memo summarizing the requirements that the FCC has set out.  That advisory is now available here. … Continue Reading

FCC Issues Instructions for Stations to Deal With the Extension of the DTV Conversion Deadline

Posted in Digital Television, Television
With the extension of the DTV transition deadline now passed by Congress, it’s the FCC’s turn to implement the extension and set the way in which television stations will deal with the new June 12 date for the termination of analog television.  To start to implement that extension, the FCC today issued a public notice setting out the… Continue Reading

Will the House Pass the DTV Extension? – Dueling Congressional Letters Take Opposing Positions

Posted in Digital Television, Television
As we wrote on Friday, the Senate has passed the Bill that would extend from February 17 to June 12 the deadline for full-power television stations to transition to digital operations.  This leaves the House of Representatives to once again consider the matter – supposedly in committee on Tuesday and perhaps by vote of the full House as… Continue Reading

So Maybe the DTV Conversion Deadline Will Not Be Postponed – House Does Not Approve Extension

Posted in Digital Television, Television
Earlier this week, we wrote about the apparent compromise in the Senate between Republicans and Democrats that would seemingly allow the Digital Television conversion deadline to be delayed from the current date of February 17 that stations have been warning consumers about for years, pushing that date back until June 12.  That compromise legislation passed the Senate on… Continue Reading

Senator Hutchison Announces Compromise on DTV Transition Delay Until June 12 – Why Congress Needs to Act Soon

Posted in Digital Television, Television
This week, an agreement by Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, the ranking minority member on the Senate Commerce Committee, to an extension of the DTV transition deadline from February 17 until June 12, was announced.  The delay has been requested so that issues about the distribution of the $40 government coupons to consumers to ease their purchase of converters to… Continue Reading

Kevin Martin Departs as Congress Looks at June 12 DTV Transition Deadline – While Remaining Commissioners Write Letters About Transition Problems

Posted in Digital Television, Television
FCC Chairman Kevin Martin announced that he will be leaving the Commission on Tuesday as the new President is inaugurated, and thus will not be present at the FCC to set any last minute policy for the DTV transition.  In fact, if Martin had decided to stay for the end of the transition, he might well have… Continue Reading