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Must-carry or Retransmission Consent? Television Stations Must Notify Cable and Satellite Operators by October 1st

Posted in Cable Carriage, Digital Television, Television
Just a reminder that by October 1, Television stations must once again make their triennial carriage elections.  By that date, TV stations must notify the local cable systems and satellite carriers in their market in writing as to whether the station intends to be carried pursuant to must-carry or a retransmission consent agreement for the… Continue Reading

FCC Extends Comment Deadline in Diversity Proceeding

Posted in AM Radio, Cable Carriage, EEO Compliance/Diversity, FM Radio, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Public Interest Obligations/Localism
The FCC today issued an order extending the comment deadline in its Broadcast Diversity proceeding, extending the comment date a full month until July 30, with Reply Comments now due on August 29.  This important proceeding, about which we wrote here, will address many issues, including proposals to, among other things, repurpose television Channel 6 (and… Continue Reading

The Trouble With LPTV – No Plan for DTV Transition

Posted in Digital Television, Low Power Television/Class A TV
In recent weeks, Low Power Television stations have been the center of attention in Washington in connection with the Digital television transition.  While all full-power television stations are set to convert to digital operations less than a year from now, ceasing analog operations at the end of the day on February 17, 2009, there is… Continue Reading

FCC Adopts Post-Digital Transition “Must-Carry” Rules, Extends Ban on Exclusive Programming Contracts, and Opens Inquiry Into “Tying” Agreements

Posted in Cable Carriage, Digital Television, Programming Regulations, Television
Late Tuesday night, in a meeting originally scheduled to start at 9:30 in the morning, the FCC adopted an order establishing the rules governing the carriage of broadcast signals by cable operators after the February 17, 2009 transition to digital television.  While the full text of the Commission’s action has not yet been released (and… Continue Reading

FCC Announces Agenda for September 11 Meeting – Cable Issues Featured

Posted in Cable Carriage, Television
The FCC today released its agenda for its September open meeting, to be held on September 11.  As might be expected, the Commission is to consider a number of matters dealing with public safety and homeland security issues for communications companies.   However, the Commission will also be considering a number of items dealing with cable… Continue Reading