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Commissioner O’Rielly to Head FCC Review of KidVid Rules

Posted in Children's Programming and Advertising, Programming Regulations, Public Interest Obligations/Localism
FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly today released a statement announcing that Chairman Pai has requested that he lead an effort to review the FCC’s “KidVid” rules – the rules that govern the amount of educational and informational programming that each broadcast station is required to air to meet the needs of children. Commissioner O’Rielly recently wrote… Continue Reading

FCC’s Assessment of $30,000 Fine Reminds Television Stations to Publicize the Existence and Location of Children’s Television Programming Reports

Posted in Children's Programming and Advertising, Digital Television, FCC Fines
The FCC today issued a Forfeiture Order imposing a $30,000 fine on the licensee of three television stations for the stations’ failure to publicize the existence and location of the Children’s Television Reports for the Stations.  Even at a rate of $10,000 per station, this fine is significant and should serve as a loud, clear… Continue Reading

Broadcast Station Reminder: Children’s Programming Reports and Quarterly Issues Programs Lists Due October 10th

Posted in AM Radio, Children's Programming and Advertising, Digital Television, FM Radio, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Television
A reminder to all radio and television broadcast stations, both commercial and noncommercial, that Quarterly Issues Programs Lists reporting on the important issues facing the stations’ communities, and the programs aired in the months of July, August, and September dealing with those issues must be prepared and placed in the stations’ public inspection file by… Continue Reading