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Starting Small on Media Regulation Modernization – Rule Requiring Hard Copy of FCC Rules Repealed

Posted in FM Translators and LPFM, General FCC, Low Power Television/Class A TV
One of the first proposals in Chairman Pai’s initiative for the modernization of media regulation (see our post here from when the Chairman announced the initiative) was to repeal an FCC rule that many did not even know was a rule – one requiring that broadcasters who have secondary licenses maintain a paper copy of… Continue Reading

Update: Comment Dates Set on FCC Proposal to Abolish Requirement for Paper Copies of FCC Rules

Posted in FM Translators and LPFM, General FCC
The comment dates have now been set on the FCC’s proposal to abolish the requirement that licensees of certain classes of broadcast stations (including translators and auxiliary stations) maintain a paper copy of the FCC rules. We wrote about that proposal, one of the first actions of Chairman Pai under the Modernization of Media Regulation… Continue Reading