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The First EEO Audit of 2018 With a New Wrinkle – Notifications by Email and Responses Submitted Through the Online Public File

Posted in EEO Compliance/Diversity
On Friday, the FCC issued a Public Notice announcing its first EEO audit of 2018. The Notice lists the almost 300 radio and television stations that will be subject to the review as well as the rules that apply to that audit. And those rules are somewhat new.  First, the notice itself was not sent… Continue Reading

Another Media Regulation Modernization Proposal – Abandon the Form 397 EEO Mid-Term Report (Though Maintain the EEO Performance Review)

Posted in AM Radio, EEO Compliance/Diversity, FM Radio, Television
At its meeting yesterday, the FCC adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking suggesting the abolition of the EEO Mid-Term Report, FCC Form 397. That form is filed at the mid-point of the renewal term of TV stations with 5 or more full-time employees and radio clusters with 11 or more full-time employees (see our post… Continue Reading

5 Questions on the Meaning of the FCC’s Recent Ruling on Online Recruiting – How Does it Change a Broadcaster’s EEO Obligations?

Posted in AM Radio, EEO Compliance/Diversity, FCC Fines, FM Radio, Television
The FCC recently issued a declaratory ruling (which we summarized here) addressing the requirement that broadcasters widely disseminate information about all of their job openings in such a way as to reach all of the groups within their communities. The recent FCC decision stated that a broadcaster can now rely solely on online sources to… Continue Reading

Summer Internships – Good for FCC EEO Credit, But Be Careful of Wage and Hour Law Implications

Posted in EEO Compliance/Diversity
As summer approaches, many stations are preparing for the arrival of summer interns.  While internship programs can earn stations EEO “credit” towards meeting the requirement that they conduct non-vacancy specific outreach efforts (the so-called “menu options” or “supplemental efforts” offered by the FCC to encourage stations to reach out to their communities to educate community residents as… Continue Reading

Another Round of EEO Audits of Radio Stations Announced by the FCC

Posted in AM Radio, EEO Compliance/Diversity, FM Radio
The FCC yesterday issued a Public Notice announcing a new round of EEO audits.  Letters to about 180 radio stations went out asking for evidence of their compliance with the FCC’s EEO rules.  The Commission has pledged to audit 5% of all broadcast stations and cable systems each year to assure their compliance with the… Continue Reading

FCC Announces New Round of EEO Compliance Audits – Almost 300 Radio and Television Stations Targeted

Posted in EEO Compliance/Diversity
The first EEO audit of 2013 was announced by the FCC today – hitting about 200 radio stations and about 85 TV stations this time around (the list of stations to be audited is here). The Commission has pledged to audit 5% of all broadcast stations and cable systems each year to assure their compliance… Continue Reading

FCC Fines Up to $14,000 Proposed for License Renewal EEO Violations, Commission To Hold Webinar to Explain Its Rules

Posted in EEO Compliance/Diversity, FCC Fines
Fines of $14,000 and $8,000 were proposed by the FCC for violations of its EEO rules in two cases (here and here) released on the FCC’s last business day of the year.  In both cases, the fines were issued as these clusters of stations, on the FCC Form 396 EEO Reports filed with their license… Continue Reading

EEO Public File Reports Due By February 1 For Broadcasters in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, and Oklahoma – David Oxenford Conducts Webinar to Refresh Kansas Broadcasters on Their EEO Obligations

Posted in EEO Compliance/Diversity, License Renewal
February 1 is the deadline by which broadcast stations in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, and Oklahoma must place into their Public Inspection files their Annual EEO Public Inspection File Report.  The report must also be available on these stations’ websites, if they have such sites.  The Annual EEO Public Inspection File Report provides… Continue Reading