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January Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters – The Shutdown Does Not Put Everything on Hold

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We typically publish our article about upcoming regulatory dates before the beginning of each month, but this month, the looming FCC shutdown and determining its effect on filing deadlines pushed back our schedule. As we wrote on Friday, the effect of the shutdown is now becoming clear – and it has the potential to put… Continue Reading

FCC Shuts Down Because of Government Funding Impasse – What Does It Mean for Broadcasters?

Posted in Assignments and Transfers, Broadcast Auctions, General FCC, Incentive Auctions/Broadband Report, Political Broadcasting
Do you have a deal to buy a new station or a planned technical modification that needs FCC approval? Well, it looks like those plans may have to wait as the budget controversy in Washington has shut down the FCC. But what does the shut-down really mean for broadcasters? The FCC clarified some of the… Continue Reading

FCC Extends LPFM Filing Window, New Dates for LPFM Webinar and Changes in LPFM Protections to FM Translator Inputs

Posted in FM Translators and LPFM, General FCC
The deadline for filing applications in the LPFM window has been extended as a result of the Federal government shutdown – with the new filing deadline being November 14 at 6 PM Eastern Time.  The FCC filing system is open now, so parties can go ahead prepare and actually submit their applications now. But as, during… Continue Reading

More Information on FCC’s Reopening and Filing Deadlines After the Federal Government Shutdown – and More to Come

Posted in General FCC
The FCC issued further guidance on FCC filing deadlines for regulatory submissions that were due during the 16 day Federal shutdown. The FCC has essentially given most applicants and filers a 16 day extension of time to file anything that was due during the shutdown. They note, however, that there are certain deadlines that they cannot arbitrarily… Continue Reading

FCC Back at Work – But Deadlines for Many Filings Still Suspended

Posted in FM Translators and LPFM, General FCC
The government shutdown is over, most FCC staffers are supposed to be back at their desks, but not everything is operating as normal yet today. The Commission has published a notice saying that most filing deadlines that fall on or before October 21 remain suspended, and parties with such deadlines should refrain from filing anything with such… Continue Reading

FCC Issues Plan for Orderly Shutdown in the Event that No Agreement on Federal Funding is Reached By Midnight

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[Update – 4/9/2011.  Based on the announcement late last night, the Federal government will not be closing on Monday.  But the agreement that was reached yesterday still needs to be documented and voted on by the House and Senate.  But, barring an unforeseen breakdown in the deal, these shutdown instructions can be shelved – at… Continue Reading