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FCC Issues $8000 Fine for Radio Station Where EAS Messages Could Not Interrupt Programming During All Hours of Operation

Posted in Emergency Communications
With very limited exceptions, all broadcast stations are required to participate in Emergency Alert System, and to transmit any alerts that they may receive during their hours of operation. The FCC has just proposed to issue an $8000 fine to a station that allegedly had a working EAS receiver  (unlike some of the stations we havewritten about before… Continue Reading

FCC Decides Only One Application Will Be Granted From NCE MX Group – Even Where Second Application Can Technically Co-Exist With Granted Construction Permit

Posted in Noncommercial Broadcasting
In a recent decision, the FCC upheld the dismissal of a noncommercial FM application filed during the 2007 NCE FM window, despite the fact that the application was not mutually exclusive with any other pending application. This somewhat unusual result came about following the selection of a winner from among a group of mutually exclusive noncommercial applications. That… Continue Reading

NCE Application Processing Marches On – FCC Identifies A Number of Groups of Mutually Exclusive Applications

Posted in FM Radio, Noncommercial Broadcasting
The processing of the applications for new noncommercial FM stations marches on.  This week, the FCC released a list of groups of Mutually Exclusive applications (commonly known by those who regularly deal with the FCC as "MX groups"), i.e. applications that are linked together in that, because of interference concerns, not all can be granted.  In some… Continue Reading