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What is the RMLC, And Why Should a Radio Station Pay Their Bill?

Posted in Broadcast Performance Royalty, Intellectual Property, Music Rights
Radio broadcasters have been receiving invoices from the Radio Music License Committee (“RMLC”), and many are asking whether the invoice is “real.”  Some stations seem concerned that they are being asked to pay some fee that they really don’t owe. The truth is that this is one bill that most commercial stations in fact do owe, and it is… Continue Reading

Radio Music Licensing Committee Announces Settlement With BMI Following Settlement With ASCAP – Why SESAC is Not Included

Posted in Broadcast Performance Royalty, Music Rights
The Radio Music Licensing Committee has announced a settlement with BMI over music royalties for the public performance of musical compositions for the period from 2010-2016.  Terms have not been announced, so we can’t provide the details, yet.  But as we wrote recently when the RMLC announced the terms of its agreement with ASCAP, we would… Continue Reading

You Know Those Interim ASCAP and BMI Royalties? – They May Be More Interim Than You Think

Posted in Intellectual Property
At the end of 2009, we wrote about the interim royalties agreed to by both ASCAP and BMI, agreeing to reduce the amount of royalties paid by commercial radio stations by 7% until final royalties were agreed to by these Performing Rights Organizations and broadcast groups (principally the Radio Music Licensing Committee), either through negotiations… Continue Reading

ASCAP and BMI Enter Into Agreement With RMLC for Interim Reductions In Radio Royalties Until Final Fees are Set

Posted in Intellectual Property
The Radio Music Licensing Committee ("RMLC") has announced that it has entered into agreements with both ASCAP and BMI for interim royalties to be paid by commercial radio stations until final royalties are set.  These royalties will be set either through negotiation or through litigation in Federal Courts which act as a "rate court" to… Continue Reading

Letters From ASCAP, BMI and RMLC – What’s a Broadcaster to Do?

Posted in Intellectual Property
Radio broadcasters all over the country have been receiving letters about music royalties – from ASCAP, BMI and the Radio Music Licensing Committee (RMLC).  The ASCAP and BMI letters are asking for the broadcaster to sign a letter committing themselves to some royalty obligation for 2010.  They pose three options to the broadcaster – sign up to… Continue Reading

Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Broadcast Performance Royalty – With Issues Yet to Resolve

Posted in Broadcast Performance Royalty
The Senate Judiciary Committee today approved the bill to impose a performance royalty (or the "performance tax" as the NAB had called it) on radio broadcasters for the public performance of sound recordings on their over-the-air stations.  As was the case in the House of Representatives when its Judiciary Committee approved their version of the… Continue Reading

David Oxenford Moderates Panel on Copyright Issues for Broadcasters at the NAB Radio Show

Posted in Appearances, Broadcast Performance Royalty, Intellectual Property, Internet Radio
On September 25, 2009, David Oxenford moderated a panel at the NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia called "The Day the Music Died – Streaming, The Performance Tax and Other Copyright Issues."  In addition to the music royalties involved in webcasting and the possible broadcast performance royalty, the panel discussed other copyright issues, including the state of… Continue Reading

Rallies on Capitol Hill on the Performance Royalty – Who Will Pay?

Posted in Broadcast Performance Royalty
In the last two weeks, we have seen Capitol Hill rallies by the Free Radio Alliance, opposing what they term the “performance tax” on radio, and yesterday by the Music First Coalition, trying to persuade Congress to adopt a performance royalty on the use of sound recordings for the over-the-air signal of broadcast stations. We’ve written about the… Continue Reading