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AM Improvement Proposals Coming from the FCC – What is Coming and How Quickly?

Posted in AM Radio, FM Translators and LPFM
Last week, acting FCC Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn delivered a speech at the NAB Radio Show, which talked about new technology and old, and her affection for AM radio.  In the most newsworthy aspect of the speech, the Chairwoman announced that the FCC is currently considering a draft Notice of Proposed Rulemaking looking to improve the service delivered… Continue Reading

FCC Sets New Rules for Determining When New Tower Construction Triggers Financial Responsibility for Disrupting AM Station Antenna Patterns

Posted in AM Radio, Tower Issues
The rules for determining when construction of a new tower may cause a distortion of the pattern of a nearby AM station, and when the party building the new tower has a financial obligation to remedy any interference caused, were clarified by the Commission in an order released late last week. The order makes clear that all… Continue Reading

The Care and Feeding of the Broadcaster’s Public Inspection File – An FCC Reminder and a Compliance Seminar

Posted in AM Radio, EEO Compliance/Diversity, FM Radio, General FCC, On Line Media, Political Broadcasting, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
The care and feeding of the broadcaster’s public file is a hot topic once again. For many years, the public file was often overlooked, being visited most often by competing broadcasters looking for dirt on their cross-town rivals, or by college journalism students assigned a project by their professor requiring the review of local stations’ files. But,… Continue Reading

Reconsideration of FCC’s Rural Radio Decision – Making It Difficult to Move a Radio Station from a Rural to an Urban Area

Posted in AM Radio, FM Radio, Public Interest Obligations/Localism
Moving a station from a rural area into a more urban one was a fairly common occurrence until the recent recession – when the value of new "move-in" stations in many larger markets essentially collapsed. Soon after the collapse, the FCC stepped in to stop what the marketplace had already severely slowed, by effectively prohibiting the practice… Continue Reading

FCC Refuses to Grant Leniency on Construction of New Radio Station After Construction Permit Deadline – Cancels Permit

Posted in AM Radio
When building a new radio station, the FCC gives broadcasters three years in which to construct.  The deadline for construction can only be extended for limited reasons (referred to as circumstances that justify "tolling" of the permit) – for a short term equal to the period that an Act of God (e.g. a hurricane, blizzard or flood that… Continue Reading

Broadcast Station Reminders: License Renewals, Pre- and Post-filing Announcements, EEO Public File Reports, and Noncommercial Ownership Reports due for Select States

Posted in AM Radio, EEO Compliance/Diversity, FM Radio, General FCC, License Renewal
Just a reminder to broadcast stations in certain states of several upcoming February obligations.  First up, February 1st is the deadline for Radio Stations in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi to file their FCC Form 303-S license renewal applications seeking a renewal of their broadcast licenses.  (See our earlier license renewal advisory for more information about the FCC’s license… Continue Reading

FCC Clarifies Rural Radio Order for City of License Changes Within a Market and From One Market to Another

Posted in AM Radio, FM Radio
Changing the city of license of a broadcast station was made more difficult by the FCC’s rural radio order.  That order, about which we wrote here, imposed substantial obstacles on broadcasters attempting to move their stations from rural areas into urbanized areas – making such moves difficult if not impossible in many cases.  However, in… Continue Reading

License Renewal Pre-Filing Announcements Start June 1st for Radio Stations in North Carolina and South Carolina

Posted in AM Radio, FM Radio, License Renewal
Just a reminder that radio stations in North Carolina and South Carolina are up next in the license renewal cycle, which means that pre-filing announcements for radio stations in these states must start on June 1st.  The announcements continue on June 16, July 1, and July 16, for a total of four pre-filing announcements.  These… Continue Reading

Recent Flurry of FCC Enforcement Actions Reminds Stations to Check Public Inspection Files and Take Annual Equipment Measurements

Posted in AM Radio, FCC Fines, License Renewal
The FCC has issued a flurry of fines against broadcast stations in the past week or two.  While a number of these fines were for the operation of unlicensed pirate radio stations, several of the fines were for public inspection file violations, stations broadcasting with excessive power or failing to reduce power at nighttime, or… Continue Reading

FCC Adopts Rules Restricting Rural to Urban Radio Moves and Translator Band Hopping – And Adopts Tribal Area Preferences

Posted in AM Radio, FM Radio
The FCC’s decision in its rural radio proceeding addresses numerous radio issues – some of which seem to provide a solution in search of a problem.  In an era where the President has called for agencies to review their decisions to access how they will affect businesses and job creation, some aspects of this rural radio… Continue Reading

Restrictions on Moving Radio Stations From Rural to Urban Areas May Be Coming – What’s The Potential Impact?

Posted in AM Radio, FM Radio
At the FCC meeting next week, the Commission will be considering an item dealing with radio stations that serve rural areas, and the ability of licensees to make technical modifications to those stations that would change the communities which they serve.  While, as we wrote last week, most of the attention of broadcasters has centered on the television issues to… Continue Reading

FCC Denies Rulemaking Request Seeking Across the Board Increase in Power for AM Stations

Posted in AM Radio
Only last month, we wrote about the proposal of a consulting engineer for an across the board power increase for AM stations so that they could overcome the effects of interference from all the electromagnetic devices now existing in our modern world that, while making our lives easier, interferes with the signal of AM stations, particularly… Continue Reading

FM Analog Translator Can Rebroadcast FM Digital Multicast Programming – Opportunities for New Signals in Local Markets

Posted in AM Radio, Digital Radio, FM Radio, FM Translators and LPFM
In a recent decision, the FCC made clear that analog FM translators can rebroadcast the signal of a HD digital multicast channel from a commonly owned FM station.  For months, broadcasters have been introducing "new" FM stations to their communities via translators rebroadcasting HD-2 signals which are broadcast digitally on a primary FM station, and available only to… Continue Reading

FCC Issues Fact Sheet on AM Stations Proofs of Performance Using Computer Modeling Techniques

Posted in AM Radio
A year ago, the FCC approved the use of a computer modeling technique, known as "moment method modeling", to allow certain AM stations to do Proofs of Performance of directional antenna patterns without the costly and time-consuming process of proofing the antenna performance through the use of actual field strength measurements.  Last week, the FCC… Continue Reading

FCC Inspections – Transmission Site Fines for Overpower Operation, Unlocked Tower Fences, and Improper STL Operations

Posted in AM Radio, FCC Fines, Tower Issues
Last week, we wrote about the FCC fining stations for a number of violations found at the studios of some broadcast stations.  In these same cases, the FCC also found a number of technical violations at the tower sites of some of the same stations.  Issues for which fines were issued included the failure to… Continue Reading

Operating Broadcast Stations in an Emergency – AM Operations at Night, STAs and Other Issues

Posted in AM Radio, Emergency Communications, Tower Issues
The threat from the recent fires to the tower farm on Mount Wilson from which many of the radio and television stations serving the Los Angeles area operate highlight the need for broadcasters to have an emergency plan in the event that some local catastrophe affects their tower site.  The fact that this fire comes near to the anniversary… Continue Reading

Beginning Oct. 1st AM Radio Comes to the FM Dial

Posted in AM Radio, FM Translators and LPFM
With today’s Federal Register publication of the FCC’s recent Order amending the rules governing FM Translator stations, the date is officially set at October 1st for when AM stations can begin to rebroadcast their signals on FM translators.   Beginning October 1st, the long-standing prohibition on rebroadcasting AM radio on FM translators is off the books and translators are free to… Continue Reading

FCC (Belatedly) Suspends June 1st Ownership Report Deadline

Posted in AM Radio, FM Radio, General FCC, Television
In a truly eleventh-hour decision, the FCC released an Order late Friday evening suspending the filing of FCC Form 323 Ownership Reports that would otherwise be due on Monday, June 1st for certain broadcast stations.  In its recent Report and Order adopted in the proceeding devoted to Promoting Diversification of Ownership in the Broadcasting Services, the… Continue Reading

FCC Proposes to Encourage Rural Radio By Making it More Difficult to Move Radio Stations to Urban Areas

Posted in AM Radio, EEO Compliance/Diversity, FM Radio
Rural communities – do their radio stations need government protection? The FCC seems to think so, proposing a series of new rules and policies that restrict the ability of the owners of rural radio stations to move their stations into Urban areas. These rules would make it harder for entrepreneurs to do “move in” applications – taking… Continue Reading