The past week was another light one for broadcast regulation at the FCC.  But here are some actions of note for broadcasters, with links to where you can go to find more information as to how these actions may affect your operations.

  • Two Kentucky FM translator stations filed their license renewal applications nearly four months late and now face $1,500 fines. From time to time, the FCC has announced that numerous stations failed to file their renewal applications on time during this license renewal cycle, putting at risk their authority to operate.  These cases also remind broadcasters to remember to renew their translator licenses as well as those for their primary stations.  Be sure to mark your calendar with your renewal filing deadline date (radio dates here; TV dates here) and start your preparations early.  Radio stations in Texas and TV stations in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee are the next groups to file for renewal and must do so by April 1.  (W278BK Notice) (W280FH Notice)
  • TVNewsCheck published our updated high-level look at the state of play in Washington for broadcast television issues. This is a good resource to learn about new issues and to get caught up with the latest on issues that have been around for a while.  (Broadcast Law Blog)
  • We wrote about the “performance complement” and other music licensing issues while we wait for the Copyright Royalty Board to say how much webcasters(including broadcasters who simulcast their over-the-air programming on the internet) will pay for the public performance of sound recordings for 2021 through 2025.  (Broadcast Law Blog)