While much of the world was focused on election results, the FCC announced its transition of a few more of its applications from the CDBS database that it has used for several decades to its newer LMS database.  The FCC’s Public Notice released earlier this week announced that assignments and transfer applications (both long-form Form 314 and 315 applications and short-form applications for pro-forma changes in ownership – like changes from one legal entity to another with no real change in control – filed on Form 316) will now be available in LMS.  Form 345 for the assignment or transfer of an LPTV station or an FM or TV translator will also be moved to LMS.  This follows the move of many FM technical applications to LMS last year (see our post here) as the FCC phases out the CDBS database.  The change will take place on November 18, 2020 and all applications previously filed on these forms in CDBS will be filed in LMS as of that date, as will all related pleadings and correspondence.