Music licensing issues are always confusing.  At the request of streaming service provider Live365 which hosted World Audio Day as a virtual substitute for our all getting together at last month’s cancelled NAB Convention in Las Vegas, I participated in a discussion of those issues, trying to provide the basics as to who gets paid for what uses of music in digital media including webcasting and podcasting.  You can watch the video of the session here:

The issues discussed included the difference between the rights granted by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, on one hand, and SoundExchange on the other (for more on this topic, see our posts here and here), the emergence of GMR (see our articles here and here), the current state of royalties for webcasters (see our articles here and here about the current CRB proceeding), and music issues for podcasters (see our articles here and here).  While the details of music royalties are complex and confusing, hopefully this discussion will provide viewers with enough information to at least ask the correct questions about the rights that they will need when consulting with their lawyers and royalty advisors about their digital media plans.