The FCC yesterday adopted an Order eliminating the requirement that broadcasters file with the Commission copies of certain contracts, agreements and other documents relating to ownership and control – instead relying on the obligations to either upload the documents to a station’s online public file, or to place a list of the documents in the public file (with information listing the parties involved, and the dates of execution and of expiration). If a station relies on a list of documents in the online public file, the documents themselves must be provided to any member of the public (or to the FCC) within 7 days of a request. We summarized the draft of this order here, and that article provides a list of many of the required documents. The order adopted yesterday includes all of the substantive proposals in the draft order that were included in our summary. Note that the changes need to be approved by the Office of Management and Budget under the Paperwork Reduction Act and published in the Federal Register before becoming effective – so watch for announcements of the effective dates at some point in the future.