The Copyright Office is scheduled to publish in the Federal Register tomorrow an extension of time for parties who wish to comment on the Request for Additional Comments in its study of Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the “safe harbor” for those Internet Service Providers who host websites or run networks on which user-generated content is posted. The extension will allow comments through February 21, 2107. The submission of empirical studies that the Copyright Office thought would be beneficial to its review can now be made through March 22, 2017. A preview of the Federal Register notice is here.

We wrote about the Copyright Office’s request for additional comments here. That article also contains links to several other articles on related issues, including the requirement that all services that rely on the safe harbor file in the Copyright Office’s new electronic registration system information about their designated agents who are to be served with take-down notices by copyright holders who believe that their works are being infringed. Those updated registrations are due by the end of the year. We wrote about that new electronic filing system here.