The FCC this week issued a Public Notice announcing that the FAA has issued a new Advisory for the marking and lighting of new or altered communications towers – highlighting one change that towers above 350 feet above ground will need to have flashing lights, rather than “L-810 steady burning side lights” which were determined to be a hazard to birds.  In addition, towers that are between 151 and 349 feet will need to have flashing lights rather than steady burning ones starting September 2016.  The FCC’s advisory also notes that the FAA has urged existing tower owners to move to comply with these new standards as well.  Existing tower owners who do decide to change to the new standards need to get FAA approval first for the change, and then register their lighting change with their Antenna Survey Registration with the FCC.  One more issue to consider if you are planning a new communications tower or changes to one that you already have.