The FCC fees that must be paid by commercial broadcasters when they file most applications with the Commission went up as of July 3.  See our article here about the July 3 effective date, and our article here about the adoption of the new higher fees.  The FCC yesterday released a full guide to those fees – setting out how much broadcasters must pay when seeking any particular action from the FCC (including applications for approvals of assignments and transfers, construction permits, STA requests, license renewal, new call letters and even when they file biennial ownership reports).  You can find that guide here.  It is a convenient guide to keep on hand for those times that you are preparing an FCC application and need to know what the required fee is for that application, the associated codes needed when submitting the fees, and other details of how to pay the fees associated with FCC applications.  If you don’t pay the fee, the application will not be processed.  So take note of the increased fees associated with broadcast applications.