The deadline for submitting comments in the FCC’s rule making proceeding regarding Arbitron’s use of Portable People Meters (PPM) has been set for July 1, 2009.  Reply comments are due by July 31st.

As we discussed in our earlier post, the FCC has begun a rule making to examine the use of the PPM technology of radio audience measurement now being rolled out by Arbitron in radio markets throughout the country.  Various groups have contended that Arbitron’s PPM technology has certain methodological flaws that under counted particular groups, including minority groups, and thus could have an impact on the financial viability of the stations listened to by such groups.  The FCC’s Notice of Inquiry asks about those perceived flaws, about the potential impact of any flaws on the use of Arbitron market definitions for purposes of the FCC radio multiple ownership rules, and on the more general question of whether the FCC even has the jurisdiction to regulate the use of the PPM.  Interested parties can submit comments to the FCC in paper, or electronically using the ECFS filing system