The FCC today released a Public Notice announcing that, after many false starts, it is making effective the new schedule of higher application fees on April 28.  We wrote about the on-again, off-again effectiveness of these new fees which, this time, seem quite clearly to be about to become effective.  The schedule of new fees can be found appended to the FCC’s order adopting the fees, here.  Common application fees include a $940 fee for the submission of an application for a minor technical change to a broadcast station (FCC Form 301), or for a transfer of control (FCC Form 315) or assignment of license (FCC Form 314).  The fee to submit an ownership report (FCC Form 323) will be $60 per station, and a request for Special Temporary Authority will be $170.  To avoid having applications rejected for insufficient fees, be sure to be prepared for the new fees for any application submitted on or after April 28.