Yesterday, we briefly wrote about the FCC’s release of a notice summarizing the process that television stations need to follow as they transition to digital under the newly extended DTV conversion date.  In yesterday’s post, we promised a more detailed memo summarizing the requirements that the FCC has set out.  That advisory is now available here.  For stations that are still planning to go completely digital, and to terminate their analog operations, on February 17, the information in the memo is very important, as notice of the station’s plans to terminate must be filed on Monday, February 9, and enhanced on-air disclosures must follow the next day.  Stations planning to wait to transition at some later time between February 17 and the new June 12 deadline will also need to start new on-air announcements to educate the consumer about the new deadlines.  So read the advisory, and the FCC’s public notice, and be prepared for the upcoming deadline.