Recently, it seems like you can’t read a broadcast industry newsletter without seeing an article about employment reductions or layoffs at some station – sometimes the whole newsletter seems to be dominated by such reports.  In this climate, broadcasters need to consider the employment law issues that can arise in such situations.  The Davis Wright Tremaine Employment law practice group has published an Advisory, available here, which provides advice – both legal and practical – for such downsizing a workforce in any industry.  Read the memo, and consider such issues, as legal issues in an employment context can bring civil penalties which can add to a broadcaster’s economic distress in these tough times.  In addition, violations of employment laws need to be reported both on a broadcaster’s Mid-Term EEO report (FCC Form 397, see our bulletin on the last group of stations required to file such reports, here ), as well as on their license renewal applications.  So act carefully if faced with these wrenching employment decisions.