FCC Form 388 reports on the efforts of television stations to educate their viewers about the digital television transition.  We wrote about the details of that new form, filed for the first time in April.  When the form was last filed, as it had been adopted only days before, the Commission did not have time to update its CDBS system to allow for the electronic filing of that form in the system where all other FCC forms are submitted.  Instead, the FCC required that first form be filed in ECFS, the system usually used for filing rulemaking comments in docketed proceedings.  However, the Commission has just announced that the form is now available in CDBS so, when the form is next submitted on or before the July 10 deadline, reporting on the last three month’s DTV educational activities, broadcasters can use the standard filing system.  The ECFS filing system caused great consternation among broadcasters and the FCC, as it did not automatically link up the reports with the stations that submitted them.  Thus, many stations that timely filed the form received admonitions from the FCC, alleging that the forms had not properly been submitted.  Hopefully, as the standard filing system can now be used, those sorts of issues will be avoided.  So remember to file the form by the deadline, and to use the CDBS system this time around.