The Commission today published notice in the Federal Register revising the dates for submitting comments in its rule making "In the Matter of Promoting Diversification of Ownership in the Broadcasting Services."  If you will recall, this is the rule making proceeding that seeks comment on a number of new proposals, including whether to revise the definition of "Designated Entities", possibly expanding the FM band to include TV channels 5 and 6, possibly adopting rules to allow AM expanded band stations to retain those stations or transfer them to Designated Entities, and whether Class A LPTV stations should be afforded must-carry rights on cable systems. 

Although the FCC had initially pegged the comment date at July 15th when it first published notice a couple of weeks ago, apparently that date was a miscalculation.  Thus, the dates for commenting have now been revised, and Comments in the proceeding are now due on or before June 30, 2008, and Reply Comments are due on or before July 14, 2008.  This means that interested parties have a couple of weeks less than initially thought to prepare and file comments in this proceeding, so start drafting now.  See our earlier summary of this proceeding for more information.  A copy of today’s Federal Register notice can be found here