As we posted earlier, television stations must file an FCC Form 388 with the FCC reporting on their DTV educational efforts by April 10th.  That Form is now available on the FCC’s web page here.  However, stations should be aware of the unusual filing procedure required for this form.  This form will not be filed through CDBS, but rather will be filed through the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS), which is used for submitting comments in notice and comment rule making proceedings.  The ECFS submission page is available here.   Thus, stations will need to prepare the FCC Form 388 using the  Word document available on the FCC’s web site, and then electronically submit the completed Word document into Docket Number 07-148 using ECFS.  Although the new rules were only effective for one day of the First Quarter, stations should report any voluntary DTV educational efforts undertaken during the quarter.