Quarterly Issues Programs Lists Due April 10th This is a eminder to all radio and television stations, both commercial and noncommercial, that Quarterly Issues Programs Lists reporting on the important issues facing the stations’ communities, and the programs aired in the months of January, February, and March dealing with those issues must be prepared and placed in the stations’ public inspection file by April 10, 2008. The failure to have a complete set of Quarterly Issues Programs lists, which were timely prepared and placed in a station’s public file, can lead to significant fines at license renewal time so all stations are urged to prepare their Quarterly Issues Programs lists in a timely fashion. See our full advisory for further details.

Please note, the New Form 355 for television stations has not yet become effective, but when it does, television stations will be required to use this new form to report on their programming content in great detail.  Stations should prepare for the implementation of this form now. 

Children’s Program Reports Due April 10th  Commercial full power and Class A low power television stations are reminded that Children’s Television Programming Reports on FCC Form 398 must be prepared and filed electronically with the FCC by April 10, 2008. The Reports must also be placed in the stations’ public inspection files by that date. Our recent advisory is available here with all the details, including the requirements for DTV stations airing multiple program streams and details about the new Form 398. Quarterly certifications regarding compliance with the commercial limitations in Children’s Programming should also be prepared and placed in the public inspection file by April 10th.

New Form 388 Report on DTV Educational Efforts Due April 10th — Last, and definitely not least, by April 10th full power television stations must electronically file the newly minted Form 388 reporting on their efforts to inform viewers about the DTV transition.  Although the FCC’s new rules mandating educational efforts by TV stations were only effective March 31st (the last day of the quarter), the FCC nevertheless is requiring that all stations file a report detailing their DTV education efforts during the First Quarter of 2008.  Thus, stations will largely be reporting on any voluntary educational efforts undertaken in the first quarter (PSAs, news programs, etc.), as well as electing which of the three Options that they intend to employ for their DTV educational efforts going forward.  More information is available in our recent advisory