The FCC today announced another round of EEO audits of broadcast stations throughout the country.  The FCC’s Public Notice of the audits, and the list of the stations that are affected, can be found here.  Broadcasters should review this list carefully, both by call letter and licensee name, as we have noted situations where the FCC’s list of licensee names used in this audit is not accurate, even though the licensee is correct elsewhere in the FCC’s databases.  The audit letters were dated June 12, and responses are due in 30 days.  These letters usually require answers to an extensive list of questions, as well as the submission of supporting documentation to show a licensee’s compliance with the FCC’s EEO rules over the last two years.  We have written a Guide to the FCC’s EEO requirements, which can be found here, to help broadcasters assure their compliance with these rules.  Whether or not a broadcaster is on this audit list, this opportunity should be used to review your EEO compliance, as the Commission conducts these audits on a regular basis – so you could be next.