As we’ve written before, when Congress passed a new law extending Daylight Savings Time, AM stations that adjust power levels at sunrise and sunset would be affected.  Today, the FCC took action to adjust to those differences by announcing changes in Pre-Sunrise (PSRA) and Post-Sunset (PSSA) authority for all AM stations that have such authority.  Effective March 11, the first day of Daylight Savings Time under the new law, all stations with PSRA or PSSA have to begin operating with new parameters announced by the FCC today.

Any station operating with such authority should check the FCC Public Notice, and follow the link set out in that notice, to receive their new operating authority.  Stations should print out their new authorizations from that site, post the new PSSA or PSRA with their other operating licenses, and place a copy of the new authorization in their Public File with all of their other authorizations.  As all old PSSA and PSRA authorizations will be void as of March 11, stations should be sure to check this site and obtain their new authorizations and make sure that they are operating with the proper operating power.  With the FCC’s recent propensity to fine stations which are not in full compliance with the FCC rules and their authorizations, stations don’t want to take the risk of not operating in compliance with these new standards.