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Selling Stories In a Broadcast Station’s News Programs – Remember the Sponsorship Identification

Posted in Payola and Sponsorship Identification
A recent stir was created when a Midwestern television company was reported to have signed a contract with a state government agency, promising to market the agency and its programs throughout the state.  This promotion was to include a segment in the company’s televised news promoting the effects of the work of the agency.  Questions were immediately… Continue Reading

Julius Genachowski as New FCC Chair – What Will It Mean to Broadcasting’s Future?

Posted in General FCC, Internet Radio, Internet Video, Multiple Ownership Rules, Public Interest Obligations/Localism
The press was abuzz yesterday with the news that Julius Genachowski is apparently the pick of the Obama Administration for the position of FCC Chairman.  Mr. Genachowski was at the FCC during the Reed Hundt Administration, and has since worked in the private sector in the telecommunications industry, including work with Barry Diller and running… Continue Reading

New FCC Rules for Closed Captioning Complaints and Proposals for Captioning of Digital Television Multicast Channels

Posted in Digital Television, Television
The FCC has adopted new procedures for the submission of complaints about the failure to adequately provide closed captioning of video programming carried on television stations and cable systems.  In the same order, the Commission issued clarifications about the impact of the digital transition on the obligations of stations and networks to caption programming, and… Continue Reading

Comment Dates Set for Embedded Advertising and Sponsorship Identification Proceeding – While Coffee Cups on the Anchor Desk Put the Issue in the Headlines

Posted in Advertising Issues, Payola and Sponsorship Identification
The FCC’s Notice of Inquiry and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Sponsorship Identification issues (which we summarized in our firm’s advisory and about which we wrote here), which deals with a host of issues including embedded advertising and product placement, was published in the Federal Register late last week, starting the clock on the filing… Continue Reading

FCC Begins Investigation of Embedded Advertising and Sponsorship Identification

Posted in Advertising Issues, Payola and Sponsorship Identification
Last week, the FCC commenced its long anticipated proceeding to reexamine its sponsorship identification rules. This proceeding has been rumored for over six months, having appeared on an agenda for a Commission open meeting in December, only to be pulled from the agenda days before it was to have been voted on. The Commission has initiated this… Continue Reading

Closed Captions and Video Description – The First Step to FCC Regulation of On-Line Media?

Posted in Digital Television, Indecency, Internet Video, On Line Media
A recent Washington Post article highlights a bill that was recently introduced in Congress suggesting that the FCC bring back their rules for audio descriptions of video programming – rules which were thrown out by the Courts several years ago as being beyond the scope of the Commission’s authority without explicit Congressional authorization.  But not only does… Continue Reading

FCC Releases Rules for Enhanced TV Disclosure Requirements

Posted in Digital Television, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
The FCC has released the full text of its Order adopting enhanced disclosure requirements for broadcast television stations – requiring that they post their public files on their websites and that they quarterly file a new form, FCC Form 355, detailing their programming in minute detail, breaking it down by specific program categories, and certifying that… Continue Reading

FCC Proposes Fines for Political Sponsorship ID Violations

Posted in Advertising Issues, Fairness Doctrine, Payola and Sponsorship Identification, Political Broadcasting
The FCC has taken the unusual step of issuing a Notice of Apparent Liability, i.e. an announcement that it has fined a broadcaster, against two TV station owners for failing to provide a sponsorship identification for political material sponsored by another Federal agency–the Department of Education ("DOE").  The proposed fines for these two broadcasters totaled over $70,000. … Continue Reading

Copyright Office to Hold Hearings on Video Statutory Licenses

Posted in Cable Carriage, Internet Video, Television
We wrote last month about the fact that the Copyright Office has initiated a major proceeding to reexamine the statutory licenses that allow cable systems and satellite distributors to retransmit the programming of local television stations.  A statutory license allows retransmission of television signals by these multichannel video providers without getting the consent of copyright… Continue Reading

New Handsets Sought for Mobile Delivery of Digital Television

Posted in Digital Television, Television
The Advanced Television Systems Committee, the technical organization that has guided the technical development of Digital Television in the United States, this week requested proposals for the development of handsets and a delivery system that would allow television broadcasters to deliver their content directly to mobile receivers. This proposal would remedy one of the shortcomings of the current television… Continue Reading

Copyright Office Begins Inquiry to Reexamine Cable and Satellite Statutory Licenses – and Asks if Statutory Licenses are Appropriate for Internet Video

Posted in Cable Carriage, Digital Television, Internet Video, On Line Media, Television
The Copyright Office last week released a wide-ranging Notice of Inquiry, asking many questions about the statutory licenses that allow cable and satellite companies to retransmit broadcast television signals without getting the specific approval of all the copyright holders who provide programming to the television stations. The notice was released so that the Copyright Office can… Continue Reading