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FCC Seeks Comments on Video Description Marketplace for Report to Congress

Posted in Programming Regulations, Television
Commercial television broadcast stations that are affiliated with one of the top four commercial television broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC) and are located in the top 60 television markets are required to provide 50 hours per calendar quarter of video-described prime time or children’s programming, and to provide an additional 37.5 hours of… Continue Reading

FCC Proposes Expansion of Requirements for TV Stations and MVPDs to Provide Audio Description of Video Programming

Posted in Cable Carriage, Digital Television, Emergency Communications, Programming Regulations, Television
Last week was a busy one for the FCC, with decisions or proposals on a number of issues that can affect broadcasters, including changes to the EAS rules and proposals for the expansion of video description – the requirements that TV stations carry a certain amount of programming that is accompanied by audio descriptions to… Continue Reading

Comment Deadline on Video Description Rulemaking Extended

Posted in Digital Television, Programming Regulations, Television
The FCC has granted an extension of time to submit comments in its proceeding to re-institute video description rules for television programming.  Comments are now due April 28th, and Reply Comments are due by May 27th.  A copy of the FCC’s recent Order extending the deadline is available here.  As we wrote about earlier (here),… Continue Reading

Comments on Revised Video Description Rules for Television Programming due to FCC by April 18

Posted in Children's Programming and Advertising, Digital Television, Programming Regulations, Television
UPDATE:  On March 23rd, the FCC granted a ten-day extension of the filing deadline.  Comments are now due April 28th, and Reply Comments are due by May 27th. The FCC’s recent item proposing the adoption of video description rules was published in the Federal Register today setting the deadline for Comments in the proceeding. The… Continue Reading

FCC Initiates Rule Making to Reinstate Video Description Regulations for Television Programming

Posted in Children's Programming and Advertising, Digital Television, Programming Regulations, Television
Yesterday, the FCC initiated a rule making proceeding to reinstate its prior video description rules with certain modifications, as required by the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 (Act). The proposed rules would require large market broadcast affiliates of the top four national networks and most cable operators and DBS providers to… Continue Reading

Next FCC Meeting Full of Issues for Broadcasters – Retransmission Consent, Moving Rural Radio Stations Toward Urban Areas, and TV Video Description

Posted in Cable Carriage, FM Radio, General FCC
After a series of FCC meetings where the only mention of broadcasters was in connection with taking TV spectrum for wireless broadband, the tentative agenda for the next FCC meeting, to be held on March 3, 2011, is full of broadcast issues – issues that could have broadcasters wishing that they were ignored once more.  The biggest issue is… Continue Reading

Closed Captions and Video Description – The First Step to FCC Regulation of On-Line Media?

Posted in Digital Television, Indecency, Internet Video, On Line Media
A recent Washington Post article highlights a bill that was recently introduced in Congress suggesting that the FCC bring back their rules for audio descriptions of video programming – rules which were thrown out by the Courts several years ago as being beyond the scope of the Commission’s authority without explicit Congressional authorization.  But not only does… Continue Reading

FCC Releases Rules for Enhanced TV Disclosure Requirements

Posted in Digital Television, Public Interest Obligations/Localism, Television
The FCC has released the full text of its Order adopting enhanced disclosure requirements for broadcast television stations – requiring that they post their public files on their websites and that they quarterly file a new form, FCC Form 355, detailing their programming in minute detail, breaking it down by specific program categories, and certifying that… Continue Reading