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FCC Details Window for LPTV Stations and TV Translators Displaced by the Incentive Auction to Seek New Channels

Posted in Digital Television, Incentive Auctions/Broadband Report, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Television
The FCC last week released a Public Notice describing the process for the filing of applications for replacement channels for LPTV stations and TV translators that are displaced by the incentive auction.  As the repacking of the TV band following the incentive auction will require LPTV and TV translator stations now operating on channels above… Continue Reading

FCC Asks for Comments on Extending Construction Permits for New Digital LPTV and TV Translator Stations Until September 2015 Digital Conversion Deadline

Posted in Digital Television, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Television
The FCC’s Media Bureau yesterday released a Public Notice asking for comment on a proposal to extend the construction deadline until September 1, 2015 for any construction permit for a digital LPTV station or a TV translator that will expire before that date.  September 1, 2015 is the deadline for all TV translators and LPTV… Continue Reading

Updates on CALM Act Implementation and LPTV/TV Translator Digital Conversion Rulemakings

Posted in Advertising Issues, Digital Television, Low Power Television/Class A TV
For our readers in the television business, there have been recent developments in two proceedings about which we have written recently.  Last week, we wrote about the extension of time to file reply comments on the CALM Act implementation Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, where the FCC is implementing a Congressional act to curb loud commercials.  The… Continue Reading

Analog Television – Not Dead Yet – Not All LPTV Stations are Digital

Posted in Digital Television, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Television
Reading the papers and watching the news this weekend, one would think that analog television is a relic of the past – something that we can all soon look back at fondly as a quaint childhood memory, never to be seen again.  Yet all the reports fail to mention that for populations that watch their over-the-air… Continue Reading