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Agenda for FCC’s December Meeting – Start of Next Quadrennial Review of the Ownership Rules and Elimination of License Posting Requirement

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The agenda for the FCC’s December 12 open meeting is to be released today. As has become customary, the Chairman yesterday blogged about the issues to be considered at the meeting. For broadcasters, there are two matters of interest. The first will be the initiation of the next Quadrennial Review of the FCC’s ownership rules.… Continue Reading

What Chairman Martin’s Multiple Ownership Proposals Omit – No Relief for Radio and TV

Posted in Multiple Ownership Rules, Television
Yesterday’s unique Public Notice outlining Chairman Martin’s proposals for reform of the multiple ownership rules (which we summarized here) is a surprisingly restrained and limited approach to relaxation of the ownership rules – proposing to relax only the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership prohibitions, and only in the Top 20 TV markets.  Moreover, the reform would only allow the combination of a daily newspaper… Continue Reading

Push to Complete Multiple Ownership Overhaul By the End of the Year

Posted in Digital Radio, Multiple Ownership Rules, Television
According to an article yesterday in Broadcasting and Cable Online, and another article in the New York Times today, Chairman Martin of the FCC is looking to complete the multiple ownership proceeding (which we summarized here) by the middle of December.  According to the Times article, the Chairman is looking for relaxation of the current newspaper-broadcast cross ownership… Continue Reading

A New Push to Address Multiple Ownership?

Posted in Multiple Ownership Rules, Television
Over a year ago, the FCC released its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on amendments to the FCC’s multiple ownership rules.  Issues from newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership, to local TV and radio ownership limits are all being considered.  Our summary of the issues raised in the NPRM is available here.  The FCC has been holding field hearings throughout… Continue Reading

An Option, A Guaranty, and a Shared Services Agreement – OK By the FCC

Posted in Multiple Ownership Rules, Television
The FCC last week approved two television "Shared Services Agreements," here and here, each between the proposed Buyer of a television station and a company that owns another television station in the same market.  In each case, the existing owner would sell advertising time for the station being purchased, as well as provide a loan guaranty for the funds necessary for… Continue Reading