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FCC Orders Freeze on LPTV and TV Translator Displacement Applications, While Slightly Easing Freeze on Applications by Full Power TV Stations

Posted in Digital Television, Incentive Auctions/Broadband Report, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Television
The FCC has just imposed a freeze on the filing of displacement applications for LPTV and TV translator stations, as well as displacement applications for Class A TV stations.  A displacement application is one that is filed to preserve a secondary station’s operations when a full-power station makes changes in its technical facilities that would… Continue Reading

The Trouble With LPTV – No Plan for DTV Transition

Posted in Digital Television, Low Power Television/Class A TV
In recent weeks, Low Power Television stations have been the center of attention in Washington in connection with the Digital television transition.  While all full-power television stations are set to convert to digital operations less than a year from now, ceasing analog operations at the end of the day on February 17, 2009, there is… Continue Reading