With the National Association of Broadcasters big convention coming up next week in Las Vegas, this week we’ll look at a couple of the issues that will likely be discussed when the industry gathers for its annual reunion. On Sunday, before most of the NAB Show begins, the Radio and Internet Newsletter (RAIN) will be holding its RAIN Summit West, where I will be moderating a panel called The Song Plays On – which will focus on the music royalties paid by Internet Radio and other digital music services. We’ll not focus on what the current royalties are, but instead to try to explore what they could be in the future. This is really one of the most difficult issues in the industry, as the two sides (and really there are many more than two sides to this issue) come at the issue from far different perspectives. We will try to bridge those differences and explore where there might be common ground for music users and copyright holders to come together to arrive at mutually beneficial solutions to this thorny issue.

The Internet Radio Fairness Act introduced in Congress last year brought this issue into sharp focus. That Act sought to bring about a number of reforms in the way that the Copyright Royalty Board sets various music royalties – particularly the rates that apply to Internet radio stations. We wrote about the provisions of the bill dealing with Internet radio royalties soon after the bill was introduced. After that article, there was a Congressional hearing on the issue, and lots of debate before the bill died at the end of the year as the session of Congress expired. This year, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee has promised a number of hearings on all aspects of music and audio copyright issues, though none have yet been scheduled. But the debate about IRFA last year illustrated the divide between the various sides in the music royalty debate. Continue Reading Why the Differing Perceptions of the Value of Music by Digital Music Services and Copyright Holders Make Royalty Decisions So Hard

David Oxenford, Bob Corn-Revere, David Silverman, Brendan Holland, and others from Davis Wright Tremaine’s media and communications practice will be in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 10-15 for the 2010 NAB Show.  The NAB convention is an annual event and a focal point for engineering, legal, and business issues for the broadcasting and greater media worlds.  Bob Corn-Revere will be speaking at the American Bar Association Conference, Representing Your Local Broadcaster, on April 11, on a panel on new technology and the dangers it poses for journalists reporting from disaster areas or other scenes where immediate verification of information is not possible – the panel is called:  "Clear and Present Danger, Guiding Journalists Through the Catastrophic Perils."  David Oxenford, on the morning of April 12, will be speaking at the NAB Show on a panel called, "Copyright Licensing: Seeking a Bridge Over Troubled Waters", a panel dealing with the proposed broadcast performance royalty, streaming fees, the current ASCAP and BMI negotiations, and other copyright issues that arise in day-to-day operation of a broadcast station.  Dave will also be moderating a panel at the Radio and Internet Newsletter’s RAIN Internet Radio Summit, to be held in conjunction with the NAB Show, at the Renaissance Hotel on April 12.  Be sure to join us at these and other events in Las Vegas.

To help you attend the Show, we have been offered some discounts and free admissions for our readers.  The RAIN Summit, Internet Radio’s main event, has offered readers of the Broadcast Law Blog a 30% discount on admission to the conference.  That conference includes a full day of discussion of Internet radio topics, and will feature many of the industry’s biggest names.  From past experience, this always a great event with much great information, important for anyone with any interest in Internet radio and digital media.  The Summit features great networking opportunities, with a box lunch and post-conference reception.  An Exhibit Hall pass to the NAB Show is also included for RAIN attendees

For those not interested in Internet radio, we can still get you into the NAB Show’s Exhibit Hall for free!  The NAB has offered our readers free access to the Exhibit Hall at the show. This free Exhibits-Only pass includes:

  • Access to the Exhibit Hall at the Show
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  • Content Theater and Destination Broadband Theater

To find out how to register for these discounted offers, click on the Continue Reading link below.Continue Reading DWT Going to Las Vegas for the 2010 NAB Show – Discounts for RAIN Internet Radio Summit and Free Passes to NAB Exhibits and Keynote Available for Our Readers