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What is the RMLC, And Why Should a Radio Station Pay Their Bill?

Posted in Broadcast Performance Royalty, Intellectual Property, Music Rights
Radio broadcasters have been receiving invoices from the Radio Music License Committee (“RMLC”), and many are asking whether the invoice is “real.”  Some stations seem concerned that they are being asked to pay some fee that they really don’t owe. The truth is that this is one bill that most commercial stations in fact do owe, and it is… Continue Reading

Details of the ASCAP Settlement with the Radio Industry – What Will Your Station Pay?

Posted in Broadcast Performance Royalty, Intellectual Property, Internet Radio, Music Rights
ASCAP and the Radio Music Licensing Committee have reached a settlement on the amount that radio stations will pay to ASCAP for the use of music for the period through the end of 2016. The agreement was approved last week by the US District Court in the Southern District of New York acting as a “rate… Continue Reading