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Google Announces Programmatic Buys of Audio Ads – Looking at Legal Issues with Programmatic Sales

Posted in Advertising Issues, Internet Radio, On Line Media, Payola and Sponsorship Identification, Political Broadcasting
Last week, it was announced that Google through its DoubleClick platform, would be offering programmatic buying opportunities for advertisers looking to place audio ads into online streams. While that system is initially being rolled out among the big digital audio services, if it or other similar platforms are expanded more broadly, it could bring more… Continue Reading

Political Broadcasting and Programmatic Buying – Issues to Consider

Posted in Advertising Issues, Political Broadcasting, Programming Regulations
The week before last, Bobby Baker, the head of the FCC’s Office of Political Programming and the acknowledged guru on political broadcasting issues, and I conducted a webinar for 20 state broadcast associations discussing the FCC rules regarding political advertising and related issues. We have done this seminar every other year for quite some time… Continue Reading