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What Do Broadcasters and Media Companies Need to Know About the GDPR?

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By now, you have probably heard that the European Union (EU) has a new data protection law on the books, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – but what are the new rules, and how might they apply to broadcasters? Below we address these and other commonly asked questions about the GDPR. What is the… Continue Reading

A Summary of Privacy Issues for Broadcasters and Other Media Companies – A Presentation to the Texas Association of Broadcasters

Posted in Privacy

Legal issues regarding privacy have long been an issue for broadcasters and other media companies.  Traditionally, privacy concerns for media companies have arisen in the context of news gathering, advertising or other on-air content that either was gathered in a way that intruded on someone’s privacy, or which used private facts or personal images, without consent, for commercial purposes.   As… Continue Reading

Pandora Gets Subpoena About Mobile App – Privacy, the Next Big Issue for Digital Media Companies

Posted in On Line Media, Privacy

As broadcasters pursue their digital future, new legal issues arise to greet their entry into the on-line world and to add to the challenges posed by the new media. Over the last few years, we’ve have written extensively about music rights and their impact on webcasters, broadcasters, and other digital media companies. We’ve talked about patent… Continue Reading