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ASCAP and BMI Consent Decrees Under Review – How Performing Rights Organizations, Antitrust Policy and Statutory Licenses Could Create a Controversy

Posted in Broadcast Performance Royalty, Intellectual Property, Music Rights, On Line Media
In the last few weeks, the press has been buzzing with speculation that the Department of Justice is moving toward suggesting changes in the antitrust consent decrees that govern the operations of ASCAP and BMI.  Those consent decrees, which have been in place since the 1940s, among other things require that these Performing Rights Organizations… Continue Reading

Will Guitar Hero Show the Promotional Value of Music and Change the Music Royalty Outlook?

Posted in Intellectual Property, Internet Radio, On Line Media
We’ve previously written about the value of music in connection with the royalties to be paid by Internet Radio and the performance royalty (or "performance tax" as it’s labeled by the NAB) proposed for broadcasters. One of the questions that has always been raised in any debate about royalties, and one often dismissed by the record industry,… Continue Reading

Bill Seeking Broadcast Performance Royalty Introduced In Congress

Posted in Broadcast Performance Royalty, Internet Radio
In a pre-Christmas surprise that most broadcasters could do without, identical bills were introduced in Congress on Tuesday proposing to impose a performance royalty on the use of sound recordings by terrestrial radio stations.  Currently, broadcasters pay only for the right to use the composition (to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC) and do not pay for… Continue Reading

Musicians Trade Waiver of Royalty Rights in Exchange for Exposure – Maybe Not Such a Bad Idea

Posted in Digital Radio, Intellectual Property, Internet Radio, On Line Media
Should artists waive their rights to performance royalties in order to get airplay on broadcast or Internet radio stations? That questions has come to the fore based on a click-through agreement that Clear Channel included on a website set up to allow independent bands to upload their music for consideration for airplay by its stations. While artist groups,… Continue Reading

Lobbying Effort to Make Broadcasters Pay Sound Recording Royalties in the Works?

Posted in Broadcast Performance Royalty, Intellectual Property
A story in the Hollywood Reporter indicates that a coalition of record companies and associations representing performing artists are preparing to initiate a Congressional lobbying effort to push for a royalty for performance rights in sound recordings that would apply to broadcasters’ over-the-air transmissions, not just their Internet streams.  Broadcasters currently pay performance royalties  to ASCAP,… Continue Reading