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FCC Finds Randall Terry Entitled to Reasonable Access to Buy Time on DC TV Station – and Defines the Geographic Scope of Access Obligations for Political Candidates

Posted in Political Broadcasting
The FCC today acted on a reasonable access complaint by Randall Terry against a Washington DC television station, ordering the station to sell commercial time to his campaign as he is on the ballot as a legally qualified candidate for President in the state of West Virginia. The decision was based on the Commission’s finding that a portion… Continue Reading

FCC Clarifies Application of the Multiple Ownership Rules After the Digital Transition Makes the Grade A Contour Disappear

Posted in Digital Television, Multiple Ownership Rules
The FCC’s rules limiting the common ownership of radio and television stations, and of television stations and daily newspapers, are triggered by the Grade A contours of the television station encompassing the city of license of the radio station, or the city in which the newspaper is published.  Since June, there has been one problem with… Continue Reading