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When the President Uses a Profanity, What Can Broadcast News Do?

Posted in FCC Fines, Indecency, Programming Regulations
Yesterday, the President reportedly used the word “shithole” to describe certain countries whose immigrants were seemingly less favored than others. This predictably caused outrage in many quarters – and left the electronic media, especially broadcast TV in a quandary. Do they broadcast the purportedly used term, or do they use some euphemism so that “shit,”… Continue Reading

New Legislation Proposed to Overturn Court Decision on Indecency – Let’s Worry About the Constitution Later

Posted in Indecency
Last month, we wrote about the US Court of Appeals throwing out the FCC’s decision to issue fines to broadcasters for the use of an occasional “fleeting expletive,” i.e. one of those impolite words that once in a while will slip onto a broadcast station’s airwaves, most usually in a live and unscripted program. The Court… Continue Reading