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Another Caution on Social Media – Be Careful What You Share

Posted in Intellectual Property, On Line Media, Podcasting, Website Issues
Can retweeting or sharing someone else’s content get you into trouble? Possibly, based on news reports of a recently filed lawsuit seeking damages for defamation from a cable TV host who retweeted a twitter photo suggesting that someone has made racially derogatory comments. This case seems similar to the one about which we wrote here,… Continue Reading

Using Twitter, Facebook or MySpace at Your Station? DWT Seminar to Provide Employer’s Guide to Legal Issues of the Social Media

Posted in EEO Compliance/Diversity, On Line Media, Website Issues
At more and more broadcast conventions, station owners have been asking questions about their legal liability for the use of social media.  What is their liability for the use of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other services?  Could owners have liability if their station maintains its own page on which friends and followers may post statements which are defamatory or which could otherwise give rise to a… Continue Reading