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FCC Releases Order Reinstating Television Video Description Rules

Posted in Digital Television, Public Interest Obligations/Localism
Yesterday, the FCC released its Report and Order (available here) reinstating its “video description” rules, which require that certain broadcast stations and nonbroadcast networks provide audio narration of the action depicted in the video portion of the television programming.  The Commission originally adopted such rules back in 2000, but they were subsequently vacated by the D.C. Court of… Continue Reading

Comments on Revised Video Description Rules for Television Programming due to FCC by April 18

Posted in Children's Programming and Advertising, Digital Television, Programming Regulations, Television
UPDATE:  On March 23rd, the FCC granted a ten-day extension of the filing deadline.  Comments are now due April 28th, and Reply Comments are due by May 27th. The FCC’s recent item proposing the adoption of video description rules was published in the Federal Register today setting the deadline for Comments in the proceeding. The… Continue Reading

FCC Initiates Rule Making to Reinstate Video Description Regulations for Television Programming

Posted in Children's Programming and Advertising, Digital Television, Programming Regulations, Television
Yesterday, the FCC initiated a rule making proceeding to reinstate its prior video description rules with certain modifications, as required by the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 (Act). The proposed rules would require large market broadcast affiliates of the top four national networks and most cable operators and DBS providers to… Continue Reading

TV Stations and Cable Operators Should Watch Out for Increased Closed Captioning Enforcdement

Posted in Emergency Communications
So it seems like we have been posting about Closed Captioning issues at least once a month recently, and this month is no exception as word comes now that the FCC is expecting to ratchet up enforcement of its closed captioning rules as it has now become easier for consumers to file complaints directly to the FCC. … Continue Reading

Reminder: Closed Captioning Contact Info Due by March 22, 2010

Posted in Digital Television, Emergency Communications, Low Power Television/Class A TV, Programming Regulations, Television
Just a reminder that all Video Programming Distributors — which includes broadcast television stations —  must identify a contact person for closed captioning issues, both immediate issues and general complaints, and file that contact information with the FCC by March 22, 2010.  As we’ve discussed previously, new FCC closed captioning rules recently went into effect that require… Continue Reading

Closed Captioning Update: New Complaint Rules Now Effective; Contact Information Due by March 22, 2010

Posted in Emergency Communications, Programming Regulations, Television
On Friday, Feb. 19, 2010, two important new closed captioning rules were published in the Federal Register and went into effect. The new rules require immediate attention by video programming distributors — including broadcast television stations — to ensure that they respond promptly to viewer complaints regarding closed captioning issues, and to ensure that they timely… Continue Reading

Comment Date Set for Closed Captioning Rulemaking Proceeding – When is a Channel Not a Channel?

Posted in Digital Television, General FCC, Programming Regulations, Television
The FCC’s has published in the Federal Register certain aspects of its November decision on closed captioning – most notably the Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking asking if a broadcaster’s multicast streams should each count as a separate "channel" potentially exempt from closed captioning requirements if that channel doesn’t bring in more than $3 million in annual… Continue Reading

New FCC Rules for Closed Captioning Complaints and Proposals for Captioning of Digital Television Multicast Channels

Posted in Digital Television, Television
The FCC has adopted new procedures for the submission of complaints about the failure to adequately provide closed captioning of video programming carried on television stations and cable systems.  In the same order, the Commission issued clarifications about the impact of the digital transition on the obligations of stations and networks to caption programming, and… Continue Reading

Closed Captions and Video Description – The First Step to FCC Regulation of On-Line Media?

Posted in Digital Television, Indecency, Internet Video, On Line Media
A recent Washington Post article highlights a bill that was recently introduced in Congress suggesting that the FCC bring back their rules for audio descriptions of video programming – rules which were thrown out by the Courts several years ago as being beyond the scope of the Commission’s authority without explicit Congressional authorization.  But not only does… Continue Reading