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Proposed $13,376,200 Fine Illustrates FCC Concern over Sponsorship Identification Issues

Posted in FCC Fines, Payola and Sponsorship Identification, Television
The FCC, apparently not in a holiday mood, yesterday released a Notice of Apparent Liability proposing a $13,376,200 fine against Sinclair Broadcast group for alleged violations of the sponsorship identification requirements of Section 317 of the Communications Act and Section 73.1212 of the FCC rules. The FCC alleges that program segments contained in news broadcasts… Continue Reading

Radio Talkers Paid to Endorse Causes During Their Shows? What Should Stations Do?

Posted in Payola and Sponsorship Identification
Politico ran a story last week, indicating that a number of radio talk show hosts were paid to endorse, during their shows, certain causes and groups that might be of interest to their listeners.  The article suggests that the endorsements included live read commercials, as well as other comments made during the course of the… Continue Reading