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Copyright Royalty Board Announces Proposed New SoundExchange Royalties for Business Establishment Services

Posted in Intellectual Property, Music Rights
While Copyright Royalty Board decisions on royalties for webcasters, Sirius XM and mechanical royalties get most of the attention, the CRB also sets rates paid by “business establishment services” for the “ephemeral copies” made in their music businesses. Business establishment services are the companies that provide music to businesses to play in retail stores, restaurants… Continue Reading

New Music Royalty Rates for Ephemeral Recordings Used By Business Establishment Services

Posted in Intellectual Property, Internet Radio, Music Rights
“Business Establishment Services” are copyright-speak for those music services that provide background music to commercial establishments.  These services have come a long way from the elevator music that once was so derided – and now set the mood in everything from retail clothing stores to restaurants to department stores with formats as varied as the… Continue Reading

Copyright Royalty Board Starts Proceeding to Set Royalty Rates for Background Music Services – Reminder to Webcasters To Start Thinking of the Next Royalty Case

Posted in Internet Radio, Music Rights
The Copyright Royalty Board has just announced that it is accepting petitions to participate in the next proceeding to set the royalty rates to be paid for the ephemeral copies made by "business establishment services" in connection with any digital transmission of sound recordings.  Business establishment services are essentially background music services who provide music… Continue Reading

Copyright Royalty Board Requests Comments on Business Establishment Service Royalty Rate

Posted in Intellectual Property, Internet Radio
Last week, the Copyright Royalty Board published an order seeking comments on a proposed settlement establishing the royalties for "Business Establishment Services."  Essentially, this is the royalty paid by a service which digitally delivers music to businesses to be played in stores, restaurants, retail establishments, offices and similar establishments (sometimes referred to as "background" or "elevator" music, though… Continue Reading