Almost every broadcaster and other media company uses digital and social media to reach their audiences with content and information that can be presented in ways different than those provided by their traditional platforms.  Whether it is simply maintaining a website or streaming audio or video or maintaining a social media presence to reach and interact with their audiences, these alternative platforms pose their own legal issues.  These issues can range from the protection of a current brand to concerns over having the rights to exploit content that you obtain from others.  You can have concerns over music rights. There has been much litigation over improper uses of photos found on the Internet (see our articles here, here and here).  And there are concerns over the rights of social media platforms to use your content in ways that you don’t expect (see my blog articles here and here).  Toss in some sponsorship identification issues from the FTC and emerging privacy concerns, and there are plenty of legal issues that you need to consider in exploiting digital platforms. To help highlight the issues, I conducted a webinar for numerous state broadcast associations a few weeks ago, the video of which is available below (note that the sound quality was a little rough at first but improves a few minutes into the discussion).  Plenty of legal issues for any media company to consider: