Here we are, more than a week into the New Year, and already we’ve written about a host of regulatory issues that will be facing broadcasters in the first month of the year (see for instance our articles here and here).  But what about the rest of the year?  As we do most years, we’ve put together a Broadcaster’s Regulatory Calendar for 2020, here.  While this calendar can’t be seen as an exhaustive list of every regulatory date that your station will face, it highlights many of the most important dates for broadcasters in the coming year – including dates for license renewal actions, EEO Public Inspection File Report preparation, Quarterly Issues Programs lists, children’s television obligations and much more.  It also provides the dates that the lowest unit charge windows open for most of the Presidential primaries and caucuses, as well as for the November general election.  Certainly, there will be plenty more dates to be aware of.  Follow our blog, read other newsletters and trade publications and consult your own attorney to stay on top of your regulatory obligations.  But, hopefully, our 2020 Broadcasters Regulatory Calendar will give you a good start on spotting some of the important dates that may affect your operations.